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Falling Apart(lyrics) How Hard Is It(Lyrics)

Take My Hand (lyrics) Godsend Gun-Pdf(WIP Novella)

Falling Apart( lyrics)

The pain I feel is so unreal, yet so agonizing. When will I realize, that it was all just a big disguise, covered up with lies. Everything, was going so well, it seemed like that anyway. And Out of nowhere it fell apart. Or maybe I was doomed from the start. So quick, So heartless; it tore my life apart. Those words, forever cursed my heart. The pain inside is much to strong. Its like a dagger plunged through heart, in the hands of my best friend. And now the sun has ceased to shine. No words seem to rhyme. The sky is dark, the world cold. Gravity has no pull, my pain is much stronger. There's no other side through window. The warmest touch, the brightest light, can't take away what's burned into my mind. My heart is broken, my life is ending, my soul is soon to fade. And as I see you hold his hand, I wish his hand was mine. Oh come run away, run away, with me. Just fall in love with me, for real this time. And take this pain away. Three words are all I need, to fill the hole in me. Please make this go away. Just one last kiss before I fade away. Please just take away all of the pain, you gave to me. Just make it go away. Three words are all I need. Takes this cup from me. Oh darling, please just one last kiss be-fore I fade.

How Hard Is It? (Lyrics)

Can you even look at me? Can you turn your face? You won�t look into the mirror because you know what will be there. You know you shall see: you right next to me, I�m right beside you, my arms around you (know you love me) Now I�m falling part, should have from the start, as your love goes to stay at yesterday. Now we�re falling, should have known who we are as we fade away, into our shame. But soon enough we�ll realize what we are not, and what we could be. But until tomorrow there will be sorrow that fades today into yesterday.Oh oh. Ooh oo whoa oh I�m dying to fall in love this you. My heart burning, breaking, aching every moment, I am shaking. Every second I waste away from you, I cannot take. Every moment I think about you; even when you there, the pain so severe. For I fear the moment that you�re away. Oh oh ooh Oh. Can�t you understand; through fate it has been planned.  OH you can�t believe it. But you can�t deceive it, the facts are there! But you can�t accept the possibility of the responsibilities of being in love with me. Why can�t you face the fact that you�re in love with me, that�s that? You know it�s true, oh yes you do. But you don�t want it to be�Well tell me: (angrily shouting) how hard is it, to face your fear!? How hard is it to let it disappear? How hard is it to let go of your insecurities.  How hard is it, how hard is it. (Softly) Oh how hard is it for you to trust me? To lift away the pain away as fades today into yesterday, how is it hard is it? How hard is it to love me.

Take My Hand (lyrics)

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I know its unfair, all the pain that you feel. Your whole world torn apart and flipped upside down. And there's nothing you did wrong, and now there's nothing you can do. All the hate and the war has you stuck in the middle, and you think �God will this ever end?� I can feel what you feel, the wounds are so deep. And I know that it seems to horrible to be real. The pain that you feel is so never ending. Oh just take my hand I'll lift the burden form your shoulder. I'll try as hard as I can to give you the love you deserved. Because I know, this pain is too much to bare alone. Someday ill take you away, from the hate, and the sand your sinking in, to a place where you always wanted to be: without swords, without guns, and all of the violence, without all the hate and fear you've been smothered in so long. With nothing around but the love you deserve, and peace in your heart. I know that the path you are on on now seems so hard, but you just gotta hold on, hold on to your dreams because some day I will take you away from this nightmare. We can go to where our dreams are a reality, and you can find yourself, and never loose you again. The hate in your life is so hard to understand, don't blame yourself, because you have not a stain on your hand. Oh you must realize that the pain in your eyes will never be there will never be there again, if you just take my hand, because someday ill take you to the place you were born to be. The land where you can find yourself and never loose you again.

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